Our Origin Story

Oakshire Naturals, the natural products division of Oakshire was founded in 2012.

We are an award winning innovator and patent holder in the mushroom industry for our 100% Vitamin D mushrooms. Our office is located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, the “Mushroom Capital of the World.”

Oakshire Naturals came out of the dark world of mushrooms and into the light with our natural Vitamin D product, Earthlight®. We can supply our customers with a complete Vitamin D solution for their dietary supplements and food products as well.

Nutritional supplement products use our Vitamin D2 mushroom powder

Years in Business


Our History

Oakshire Mushrooms was founded by Gary Schroeder in 1985 in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA to grow and market specialty mushrooms. In 2012 Oakshire Naturals was formed to focus on mushroom vitamin D innovation.

Gary pioneered the specialty mushroom category which has grown into a several hundred million-dollar sector. He grew and marketed the first Portobello mushrooms in United States and was the first to produce commercial scale fresh Shiitake mushrooms in the U.S.

In 2008, Gary patented the first commercial light treatment process of fresh mushrooms creating 100% DV Vitamin D mushrooms. Oakshire was the first to market 100% DV Vitamin D fresh mushrooms in the U.S. winning numerous innovation awards.

Research and development was then conducted creating a new category of high potency vitamin D dried mushroom powder. The result is 1,000 mcg/g (40,000 IU/g) Vitamin D2 fine mushroom powder ideally suited for use in supplements and foods. Numerous patents have been awarded by U.S., Canada and Europe for this process.